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OzWeb has a large range of pupose-built software applications aimed at enhancing the functionality of your web site.

Most of these applications can be readily installed on most web sites with little or no customisation, thus greatly reducing the costs of implementation.

Ready to install applications include:

  • Content management systems
  • On-line payment systems
  • Email marketing and list management
  • Product catalogues
  • On-line stores
  • Members only secure areas / member management
  • Site search
  • Search engine optimisation and tracking

Featured Product

eSecureMail - Secure Email Payment System

eSecureMail is the cost-effective method of accepting payments over the internet. All you require is a Credit Card Merchant Account with a bank that allows Mail Order/Telephone Order transactions.

And, you do not need to have your website hosted with OzWeb! eSecureMail can be implemented for any website - you do not have to move from your existing hosting service.

People tend to think of instant Credit Card clearance as the approach to take for selling products and services on-line. However, most businesses taking the first step into selling products or services on-line find the difficulties and the costs involved prohibitive. Payment Gateway fees, processing software costs, setup charges, compatible shopping cart software - things really start to add up. Then there is the fraud risk associated with on-line Credit Card clearance - transactions that need to be reversed are subject to hefty fees by the banks.

The solution is eSecureMail - Secure Email Payment System. In a nutshell, eSecureMail allows you to receive Credit Card payments via securely encrypted email

eSecureMail employs Public Key - Private Key Encryption which is extensively used throughout the Internet.

When an order is submitted on your website, it is instantly encrypted and sent to you as an email. No Credit Card details are kept on the web server and you are the ONLY person who can decrypt and read the email.

On receiving an order via encrypted email, you simply process the Credit Card transaction through your normal process as you would for any over-the-counter sale.

It's simple and cost effective. Additionally, because you view each transaction in order to process, the likelyhood of fraud is greatly reduced - suspicious looking orders are readily detected.

eSecureMail Charges
Besides the normal Credit Card transaction fees charged by your bank, the only charges you will incur with using eSecureMail are outlined below.

We have endeavoured to make the fee system as flexible as possible in order to meet the needs of the majority of businesses.

The fee for the use of eSecureMail is a pre-paid amount based on the value of transactions and is valid for a maximum of 1 year from date of commencement.

There is a one time set-up fee of $120.

pre-paid fee
maximum value of transactions

Perhaps an example will explain this more clearly:
Should you be just starting out, it is probably best to start with the 2k package. There is a set-up cost of $120 plus a pre-paid fee of $100 bringing your total cost to $220.

For this you will be entitled to any number of transactions to a total value of $2,000. Say you are selling CDs at $20 each, this would mean you could sell 100 CDs, then would need to purchase a further package. Each package is valid for a maximum of 1 year from date of commencement. Thus after a year, it is necessary to purchase another package even if your transactions have not reached the maximum allowed.

The % figure in the last column indicates the percentage the pre-paid fee is of the maximum value of transactions, and is given to illustrate how the fee reduces significantly for the larger packages.

Once your initial 2k package expires, you should then be able to estimate which package best suits your needs and renew accordingly. Of course, the set-up fee is not applicable to repeat purchases.

Special Offer for Websites Hosted with OzWeb
There are a number of attractive alternative options available to those with web sites hosted with OzWeb. Please contact us to discuss the option which would best suit your needs.

Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) Merchant Account
A MOTO Merchant Account is one that has been extended to allow you to accept Credit Card details withut the customer being in your premises i.e. over the telephone or by mail order. This facility usually easily obtained from your bank.

If you have any questions regarding obtaining a Merchant Account or MOTO facility, please contact us. Whilst of course we cannot provide these (it's between you and your bank), we have a good deal of experience in the area and we'ld be happy to help.

Public Key - Private Key Encryption
Encryption is done via a method called Public Key - Private Key Encryption. A Public Key is used to encrypt the email, but only the Private Key can decrypt it. We use and recommend both Verisign and Thawte to provide the Digital Encryption certificate that is necessary for this process.

The Digital Encryption certificate is issue directly to you by Thawte, thus you are the only person to hold the Private Key, and hence the only person who can unlock the encrypted email. We only ever receive the Public Key which can only be used to encrypt the email - it will not decrypt.

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